State Of Piracy 2023

CAP’s State of Piracy 2023 (SOP 2023) Summit focuses on combatting streaming pirate services. Traditionally SOP is run in conjunction with AVIA’s annual AVS event and we are excited that SOP 2023 will be running with AVIA’s Indonesia in View event in Jakarta. This allows SOP 2023 to both provide an overview of streaming piracy and combatting it in the Asia Pacific region, as well as focussing on the efforts and issues in Indonesia. SOP 2023 will bring together international and local industry and government speakers to discuss proven and effective strategies which disrupt and curb streaming piracy and how these can be employed for greatest effect.

Venue: Ballroom 1, Level 2, Park Hyatt Jakarta

Address: Jalan Kebon Sirih 17-19, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10340




April 13 @ 09:30
09:30 — 18:00 (8h 30′)