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Rock Entertainment Holdings is pleased to announce the launch of its new free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) Channels, Jelly Jamm World and Free Movies on sooka, a Malaysian streaming app for global and local LIVE sports, Asian entertainment, children’s entertainment and curated local Originals.

Jelly Jamm World, our exciting new FAST Channel, is designed to ignite curiosity and foster creativity in children. It offers a treasure trove of life lessons, from basic mathematics to environmental awareness, all wrapped in vibrant animation and catchy tunes. With award-winning titles like Counting with Paula and Leo the Wildlife Ranger, Jelly Jamm World promises to deliver edutainment to preschoolers in a fun and engaging way.

Free Movies is a FAST Channel that delivers non-stop entertainment for movie enthusiasts. The channel offers a diverse range of Hollywood films from top distributors such as VMI, Film Mode, Premiere, and Marvista.  Free Movies features genres ranging from high-octane thrillers to heartwarming dramas, with many movies showcasing Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. You can expect movies include Blood of Redemption starring Vinnie Jones and Billy Zane; Heartbreakers starring Jennifer Love Hewitt; and Rat Race starring Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Smart, and Rowan Atkinson. With such a wide variety of high-quality movies, Free Movies is sure to have something for every movie lover.

“Rock Entertainment, with extensive experience in the FAST space and a vast library of content across multiple genres, has successfully operated FAST Channels outside of ASEAN on platforms such as The Roku Channel, Rakuten TV, Tubi, Samsung TV Plus, and more. We are excited to announce our plans to roll out FAST channels in ASEAN, supporting local platforms’ entrance into this rapidly growing space,” said Beatrice Lee, CEO of Rock Entertainment Holdings.

Launching the new FAST Channel in ASEAN will allow the Rock Entertainment brands to connect with new audiences across Southeast Asia, with its broader accessibility across multiple platforms. This accessibility, combined with the fact that the channels are free and ad-supported, significantly lowers the barrier to entry for budget-conscious viewers, making high-quality entertainment more accessible to all.

“sooka is excited to collaborate with Rock Entertainment to introduce two new FAST channels, Jelly Jamm World and Free Movies. This launch marks a significant milestone in our plan to provide high-quality, accessible, and diverse content to sooka users as well as to strengthen our position in the streaming industry. With the addition of these channels, sooka now offers a total of 25 free channels including FAST channels thus providing a broad blend of genres for our users,” said Chu Young Lee, Director, sooka & NJOI, Astro.

Sooka viewers can look forward to enjoying Jelly Jamm World and Free Movies starting today. Talks are also underway for a broader rollout across the ASEAN region, with confirmation details about the countries and platforms included in this expansion coming soon.



Rock Entertainment Holdings distributes content via Linear Pay-TV channels, branded and unbranded VOD, and FAST platforms across the globe. We have a multi-genre catalogue containing over 2,000 hours of content including natural history, documentaries, lifestyles, movies and entertainment, short-form digital, and pre-school kids programming.

Rock Entertainment’s channel business offers a portfolio of Media brands such as ROCK Entertainment, ROCK Action, ROCK Extreme, Global Trekker, Makeful, Smithsonian Channel, ZooMoo and Golden Chinese Drama Channel. 

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ABOUT sooka

sooka is a proudly Malaysian streaming app for the best Malaysian entertainment, global and local LIVE sports, children’s entertainment and curated local Originals based on stories that we all love. We believe that entertainment has the power to bring people together and our aim is to foster connectivity amongst Malaysians by making their favourite shows accessible and affordable for all. sooka users can immerse themselves in their favourite shows anytime, anywhere, and on any device with a user-friendly and seamless streaming experience for both mobile devices and Smart TVs.

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