The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) provides Insight in two ways – through attending our events and conferences held throughout the year across Asia and the publications & reports we produce. Our conferences are designed to help members to stay ahead of the competition and our events are made up of industry leaders, game changers, disruptors and technology partners in video from across the ecosystem, coming together to create the future of video.

Conferences & Forums

The AVIA programme team works closely with its committees to formulate and recommend actions, strategies and policies for AVIA conferences and forums; designed to anticipate and address its member’s needs.

In 2018, AVIA launched the Asia Video Summit, an evolution from the CASBAA Convention. The Asia Video Summit is the defining conference for the video industry and ecosystem across the Asia Pacific region.  The aim is to understand the state of the video industry – the opportunities and the challenges faced by different sectors of the industry and how together we can grow and forge a successful future.  Attended by over 180 companies, it brings together some of the biggest industry names to discuss the most pertinent issues of today. With advancements in technology, evolving business models and ever changing consumer behaviour, the Asia Video Summit brings you the best insights, debates and discussions that define the state of the video industry today.


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Publications & Reports

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the region with information you can rely on.

AVIA produces a number of specific reports and papers each year focused on key issues or markets that are relevant and important to our membership. In the past these have included market reports focusing on China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and India. Issues we have looked at include pay TV and OTT regulation and we regularly make submissions to various governments on a range of topics from satellite spectrum to pay TV regulation.

Specifically, we have written on the following markets/topics:

  • Premium OTT: Building Its Rightful Place in the Digital Market 
  • Thailand in View (2023
  • Taiwan in View (2023)
  • Korea in View (2022)
  • Korea Online Piracy Landscape (2022)
  • Telegram Piracy Report (2022)
  • Time to Compromise (2021) 
  • Consumer Risk and Digital Piracy: Where Does Malware Come From?
  • Vietnam in View (2021)
  • Philippines in View (2021) 
  • Pay TV Policies in Asia Wall Chart (2021)
  • A Governance Framework for OCC Services (2020)
  • Online Curated Content (OCC) TV Policies in Asia (2020)
  • Thailand in View (2020)
  • Malaysia in View (2019)
  • Indonesia in View (2019)
  • Online Video Industry: China (2018)
  • Taiwan in View (2017)
  • Myanmar in View (2016)
  • India Satellite Capacity Crunch (2016)

Additionally, we produce the following annual publications:

  • The Asia Video Industry Report

Submissions & Responses

AVIA has presented the following submissions and responses on the following markets/topics in 2018-2022:

  • Submission to comment on the Consultation Paper issued by CEDB on “Updating Hong Kong’s Copyright Regime” (Hong Kong, Feb 2022)
  • Submission to TRAI on Regulatory Framework for Promoting Data Economy through Establishment of Data Centres, Content Delivery Networks and Interconnect Exchanges in India (India, Feb 2022)
  • Submission to TRAI on Ease of Doing Business in Telecom and Broadcasting Sector (India, Feb 2022)
  • Contribution to the annual USTR Intellectual Property Review (Special 301) (Jan 2022)
  • Submission on NCC Proposed Amendment to Extend Mandatory Retention Period of a Programme/Advertisement Post Transmission (Taiwan, Jan 2022)
  • Submission on ETDA Draft Royal Decree on the Supervision of Digital Platform Service Business (Thailand, Oct 2021)
  • Submission on Proposal for Government to Mandate Payment of Network Use Fees by Content Providers to ISP’s (Korea, Aug 2021)
  • Submission on the Development of a Sustainable Satellite Ecosystem to Department of Telecommunications (India, July 2021)
  • Comments on MCST Bill to Amend the Act on Promotion of Motion Pictures and Video Products (Korea, July 2021)
  • Submission on MIB Cinematograph Bill (India, July 2021)
  • Letter to Vietnam Prime Minister on Decree 6 on Radio and Television Services (Vietnam, May 2021)
  • Submission to Kominfo about Draft Regulation on Operation of Telecommunications (Indonesia, Mar 2021)
  • Submission on Code of Practice for Telecommunication and Media Services (Singapore, March 2021)
  • Contribution to the annual USTR Intellectual Property Review annually on the country watchlist (Jan 2021)
  • Submission to Copyright Registrar on Copyright Act (India, Dec 2020)
  • Submission to TRAI on Regulatory Framework for Platform Services (India, Dec 2020)
  • Letter to Vietnam Prime Minister on Decree 6 (Vietnam, Dec 2020)
  • Draft Internet Audiovisual Service Management Act (Taiwan, Sept 2020)
  • Proposed De-Criminalisation of the Copyright Act (India, July 2020)
  • Revisions to Guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking TV Channels (India, June 2020)
  • Comments on Decree 72 Amendment (Vietnam, May 2020)
  • Proposed Regulation on Private Scope Electronic Systems, GR71 (Indonesia, March 2020)
  • OTT Content Services (Pakistan, February 2020)
  • HPB Consultation on Sugary Drinks (Singapore, January 2020)
  • Comment on Tariff-Related Issues for Broadcasting and Cable (India, Sept 2019)
  • Draft Copyright (Amendment) Rules (India, July 2019)
  • State of Intellectual Property in Third Countries (European Union, May 2019)
  • NCC Consultation on Regulations Governing the Assessment and Examination of Satellite Broadcasting Business (Taiwan, May 2019)
  • Proposed Converged Competition Code (Singapore, May 2019)
  • Draft National e-Commerce Policy (India, March 2019)
  • Digital Platforms Inquiry (Australia, March 2019)
  • Comment on the Draft Sports Broadcasting Signals (India, December 2018)
  • Green Paper on Communications Policy in an Era of Convergence (Taiwan, Nov 2018)
  • Amendments to Decree 6 on the Management, Provision and Use of Radio and Television Services (Vietnam, Sep 2018)
  • Consultation on Indirect Advertising (Hong Kong, April 2018)
  • Review of Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulatory Regimes (Hong Kong, May 2018)
  • Consultation on Uplinking and Downlinking of Satellite Channels (India, January 2018)

Our members also produce various reports of relevance to the industry.

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