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ampd, a subsidiary of Media Partners Asia (MPA), today unveils Vision, a game-changing analytics platform set to transform the entertainment industry’s approach to video-on-demand (VOD) insights. Vision integrates comprehensive analytics from Category, Content, and Customer perspectives to support strategic decision-making and audience engagement.

Key New Features

  1. Cross-Consumption Analysis. Capture user behaviour across multiple VOD platforms, providing insights into viewing patterns.
  2. Top Title – Studio Filter. Identify top-ranking titles by production studio, enabling informed decisions on partnerships and content acquisition strategies.
  3. Customer Insights by Hour. Track which players gain share of time at different hours, optimizing communication, content and marketing strategies.
  4. Title Deep Dive. Conduct one-to-one title comparisons, including evolution and demographic analysis, for strategic content planning and marketing.

Vivek Couto, Managing & Executive Director, said: “Following Vision’s MVP launch in Q3 2023, today’s release significantly enhances our analytical capabilities. Vision’s comprehensive interface and robust data offer valuable insights, enabling our clients to make informed decisions in a competitive market.

Comprehensive Features

Vision offers 7 tailored dashboards, providing specific insights from North Asia to South Asia:

  1. Top Titles. Analyse leading content trends, platform and studio shares, and content origins.
  2. Category Insights. Access quarterly revenue, subscriptions, MAUs, ARPU, household penetration, and subscription growth in VOD.
  3. Customer Insights. Examine user segmentation and preferences across heavy, normal, and light users.
  4. Title Deep Dive. Compare specific titles on unique users, share of hours, demographic appeal, and metric evolution.
  5. Content Insights Dashboard. Evaluate content performance by origin, platform, genre, and content type.
  6. Platform Insights Dashboard. Compare platform metrics including MAUs, engagement rates, subscribers, and demographics.
  7. Supply Insights Dashboard. Monitor content supply by platform, origin, genre, and share of originals versus licensed content.

Vision’s Approach

By combining insights from Category, Content, and Customer perspectives, Vision equips entertainment industry professionals with comprehensive data to enhance audience engagement and market positioning. The platform provides accurate, fair, and impartial data for informed decision-making.

Market Coverage

Vision includes analysis, data and insights for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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About ampd

ampd’s mission is to understand digital-age customers through innovative technology and expertise. We provide behavioural data and insights across 10 markets, leveraging over 60,000 passively measured panel members. Our SaaS products, ampd Vision and ampd Pulse, serve clients in streaming VOD, content, advertising, telecoms, and more. ampd won the Best International Video Media Research Award at the 2023 and 2024 UK Mediatel Media Research Awards.

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