The Premium Video Advertising Committee exists to support the advertising ecosystem around streaming video services and the unique opportunity that exists for advertisers in a premium video environment.  

As consumer habits continue to change, AVIA believes the growth of premium streaming video services (or Premium OTT) provides consumers with television quality content across multiple devices at times of their choosing.  While television is still alive and well, Premium OTT is its natural evolution, providing similar levels of engagement and passion with added functionality and convenience.

Some Premium OTT Services are subscription funded, some are advertising supported and some use a hybrid model.  AVIA believes the content found on Premium OTT, the way it is consumed and the experience it generates is premium and distinct from other video services which are social media or user-generated in focus.

It is also the belief of AVIA that the Premium OTT services that rely on advertising either in whole or in part, are not adequately recognised by the advertising community as a distinct and differentiated advertising opportunity.  The popularity of social media and UGC video services often eclipse ad supported OTT services because of their size, scale and ease of acquisition.  But the content environment is different and resultingly the level of viewer engagement and thus advertising effectiveness found in Premium OTT is significantly higher.

AVIA wishes to educate the advertising community about the unique opportunity presented by Premium OTT services, and at the same time help the Premium OTT service providers work together to boost the sector.

Business Models – there are two business models for monetising streaming video services – Subscription and Advertising. The problem is that advertisers do not see premium content as its own category. We need to create the concept of premium streaming video as a separate category from UGC and social media.

Premium Rates – advertising rates for premium video publishers need to be significantly higher than those on services that are not brand safe, are not premium, do not have viewability metrics, and do not have primary data to share with advertisers.  Can we quantify this uplift in revenue, and push it higher?

Measurably Premium – it is clear that premium online video businesses need to understand the steps to take to ensure their service platforms are measurably premium and have consistent standards. How do we measure this?  What is the common currency?

Collective Strength – while premium online video businesses have a great environment, it is difficult to compete with the social platforms on reach. What are the ways our industry can fight collectively for increased advertising dollars?

AVIA is supported by its members which include both Premium OTT service providers as well as companies in the digital ad tech ecosystem.

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