The satellite industry is currently heading in two directions – one driven by increased demand for data and the other by the demand for very small terminals with limited data rates to meet IoT requirements. While the new LEO mega constellations promise the delivery of higher data rates, GEO systems remain the major provider of connectivity across different sectors and applications due to their heritage, reliability, and availability.

The other standout trend is the rise in popularity of streaming services. More choice, new content types and greater personalization put service providers and distributors in a prime position to capitalize on technological advancements made in the satellite communications sector.

Join us on 6 June 2023 at the Satellite Industry Forum in Singapore for a full day of riveting discussions where we will explore all facets of the satellite business, from the standpoint of an operator to the manufacturer and finally, the customer, on how one can best scale your business and grow as competition heats up

April 13 @ 09:30
09:30 — 18:00 (8h 30′)