Philippines In View

While television still dominates the media landscape in the Philippines, streaming VOD services are also on the rise but will they co-exist with cable television or will they usurp it. Does TV remain aloof or is the future of FTA in streaming and the future of cable in broadband?  And in that streaming world, is there a balance between the roles of local and international players, or is one side set to dominate? 

What are the challenges and opportunities faced by these local TV and streaming services? How are they embracing disruption and innovation and ultimately, which business models will work best in a country where consumers are still adapting to paying for online video streaming services? 

Join us at the Philippines in View on 18 May as we address these key questions and discuss topics including:

  • The Future of Television
  • The Future of Streaming
  • Life Outside of Metro Manila
  • Demanding Content – What do Filipinos Want?
  • Addressing Piracy Issues in the Philippines
  • Social Change as a Media Industry Driver

April 13 @ 09:30
09:30 — 18:00 (8h 30′)