NAGRA Webinar – How to Build a United Front in the Battle Against Piracy?

TV and video are converging into a paid-for-content industry, with the pandemic accelerating transition to a pure OTT model. Content piracy is also growing in parallel at an alarming rate, and bound to increase even further as content becomes distributed over OTT more and more and will require a strong ecosystem to fight against it. What can we do about it? This workshop first looks at piracy trends and innovation strategies, with a panel discussion hosted by AVIA/CAP. It then explores key industry content protection challenges – for both Pay-TV service providers and content owners – and presents how NAGRA’s new technology and anti-piracy solutions can help you be successful and secure your business model. Click here to register now.   

April 13 @ 09:30
09:30 — 18:00 (8h 30′)