India Space Congress 2022 (SIA INDIA)

India Space Congress 2022 (ISC-2022) ‘Leveraging Space to Power Next-Gen Communication & Businesses is a strategic assemblage of national and international space industry leaders offering primary access to opportunities in the rapidly growing sector in India for worldwide space ecosystem.

The foundation of the India Space Congress [ISC] is the multi-stream program highlighting the evolution of the Indian space economy and opportunities for its development and growth.

Hosted for the first time by the SatCom Industry Association, [SIA-India], ISC is a global congregation of industry experts, government, policymakers, thought leaders, legal professionals and academia in the space sector to discuss strategic measures to efficiently manage space exploration, new disruptive space-based services and applications, viable business models, space situational awareness and cyber security.

Aims to bring all the high-level stakeholders together from space agencies, industry and institutions around the world under one roof to swap insights, strategies and rising trends for collaborative development of the space ecosystem in India and bringing global and regional economic benefits.


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December 5 @ 09:00
09:00 — 17:30 (8h 30′)