Satellite Industry Forum
31 May 2022

About the event

The global satellite communication industry is transitioning to meet new market trends and match projected threats from perceived disruptors.  Will the mobile operators want and need even more of the satellite operators’ spectrum?   The industry is also entering a new consolidation cycle, where vertical integration is becoming as inevitable as horizontal solidification.

According to Euroconsult forecasts, the satellite connectivity and video market is projected to exceed $20 billion in value by 2030, and non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) capacity is set to account for more than three-quarters of projected market growth in the next decade. With OneWeb on the rise and the Starlink constellation about to ramp up from its beta phase, the NGSO sector is expected to provide a huge spur to the overall satellite market and its market value will double between 2020 and 2030.

At the Satellite Industry Forum 2022, we will look at where future growth and revenues will be coming from for the satellite industry, what the largest contributors are in terms of key services where the satellite industry can move into, and how the industry will shape itself to include both traditional GEO and NGSO capacity solutions.

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