Piracy Over the Top
29 March 2021

As legal streaming services have grown in accessibility and popularity, the threat posed by streaming piracy in the Asia Pacific region has also grown and evolved. Streaming piracy has now become a direct competitor to our industry and investing in anti-piracy measures should become the new ‘cost of doing business’.

At the 2021 Piracy Over the Top Summit, we had the opportunity to hear from recognized international speakers as they discussed proven and effective strategies which can disrupt and curb streaming piracy. Sessions are now available for on-demand viewing to all AVIA members.


29 March 2021


APAC Piracy Landscape 2021

An overview of Piracy across the Southeast Asian region so far this year, what activities and initiatives are currently underway, as well as a look at the progress made, despite the restrictions put in place by the current pandemic.


Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

We are in the midst of a new golden era for film and television. Consumer have never had such a wide choice of video services, and it seem that every day, a new OTT service is announced. The race for global OTT dominance is on, and it is driving massive investments in content production. However, the proliferation of streaming services and consumers’ insatiable appetite for online video content has not gone unnoticed by video pirates. But video piracy is not new. So why should we worry? Pirated content has never been so readily available, the breadth and quality of the content has never been wider and better, and with a limited- wallet, consumers may find themselves using pirated sites to complete their catalogue for their favourite content. If piracy growth goes unabated, it can represent a threat to investments in tv/movie production and a shock to the video value chain. In this session, we will address what can we, together as an industry, do to combat piracy.



Peter Daly, Head of Content Protection, Foxtel

Mark Mulready, Vice President – Cyber Services, Irdeto Keith Huang, Vice President, Pay OTT, PCCW Media


With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



Data Analysis – Now What? How Important is Data Analysis in the Fight Against Digital Piracy?

In addition to analysing consumer viewing habits & attitudes, CAP has been measuring pirate website traffic for over 12 months – but now we have the data, what do we do with it? How do we use it to make actionable intelligence that can drive policy and enforcement strategies in the Southeast Asian region?

Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) Aaron Herps, Operations Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



Technology Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Changes in piracy techniques are frequent and sometimes surprising. From Bit Torrent, cyberlockers to streaming, we discuss the current technology landscape and what’s popular across the VOD and Live Sports spectrum. What changes, if any, are we seeing in the techniques, and are we hitting the target when it comes to strategy?



Pascal Metral, VP Legal Affairs, NAGRA

Avigail Gutman, VP Security and Intelligence Operations, Synamedia

With Aaron Herps, Operations Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



In Conversation: Across the Pond – An Anti-Piracy Update from North America


Steve Hawley, Founder, Advanced Media Strategies and the Piracy Monitor Publication

With Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



Sports Piracy: Challenges and Opportunities in 2021 and Beyond

The approach from the collective broadcasters and sporting bodies in enforcement and lobbying across South East Asia has yielded some amazing results, despite the challenges faced globally during 2020. In this panel, we discuss the successes that we’ve had, in South East Asia and abroad, and where the different regions can support and learn from each other moving forward to see sustained improvements in fighting piracy.



Cameron Andrews, Head of Anti-Piracy, beIN Media Group Juan Jose Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager, LaLiga

Sean Godfrey, Senior Commercial Solicitor (APAC), The Premier League

With Aaron Herps, Operations Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



In Conversation: The Rise in OTT Services in Indonesia Hermawan Sutanto, Chief Operating Officer, Vidio

With Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



Consumer Risk and the Dark Underbelly of Piracy

Malvertising found on content theft sites present serious risks to consumers who are often in search of something for free or a price tag ‘too good to be true’. Such consumers may indeed end up getting ‘something for nothing’, however that often comes at a cost. This session explores the piracy malware ecosystem. Who are the intermediaries who are placing the malvertising / high risk adverts? How do they monetise from the dissemination of malware and what strategies can be used to disrupt the ecosystem?



Dr Paul Watters, Academic Dean, Academies Australasia Peter Szyszko, CEO, White Bullet

With Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)



Closing Remarks and End of Piracy Summit

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA