OTT Summit – Advertising First

As the annual tentpole event that focuses on the streaming industry, the OTT Summit takes an in-depth look at all the key issues in what will arguably become the dominant way we watch TV – from new launches and local Asian content production, to the marketing and optimization of streaming services. 

Will 2024 end up being a less tumultuous year than the year before? Where will the next big consolidation happen? Would premium advertising have made significant headway to truly bolster the bottom line, and would FAST have made more than a slow start? How would the TV landscape have changed in India? Will Korean content still be as dominant, or will others have made more ground over the year to mount a serious challenge in 2025?

The OTT Summit is the penultimate gathering in Singapore of all the key players, movers and shakers in the Asian streaming business, from international and global to regional and local streamers.

More information about OTT Summit 2024 will be available soon. Stay tuned!