The State of Piracy Summit 2021
12 November 2021

Streaming piracy is the biggest competitive threat to our industry and investing in anti-piracy measures should become the new ‘cost of doing business’. The 2021 State of Piracy Summit will be an opportunity to hear from recognised international authorities as they discuss proven and effective strategies which disrupt and curb streaming piracy and how these can be employed for greatest effect.


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12 November 2021


Welcome Address

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


APAC Piracy Landscape

An overview of Piracy across the APAC region, the activities and initiatives that are currently underway, as well as a look at the progress that has been made this year, despite the restrictions put in place by the current pandemic.

Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


What Else are They Stealing?

According to new research from the Digital Citizens Alliance and White Bullet, online criminals who offer stolen movies, TV shows, games, and live events through websites and apps are reaping $1.34 billion in annual advertising revenues. And it is big money, in large part funded by advertising, including by well-known and iconic brands. In this session, we will take a look at the latest research around advertising in piracy and how this issue can be addressed.


Dr. Paul Watters, CEO, Cyberstronomy

Peter Szyszko, CEO, White Bullet

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Securing the Content Universe

As the world struggled through various states of freedoms over another year, we have seen a return to some sort of normality again – regular sports broadcasts returned, content production began to normalise – but with so many people still trying to get access to the myriad of content– not always legally, what mistakes are we seeing, and what are best practices to ensure pirates don’t see your content as the next best target?


Akash Saxena, SVP, Head of Technology, Disney+ Hotstar

Peter Daly, Head of Content Protection & LEA Liaison, Foxtel Australia

Avigail Gutman, VP Security and Intelligence Operations, Synamedia

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Copyright Management on YouTube

Sushmita Thakur, Head of Partner Operations, APAC, YouTube

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Best Practices to Brand Safety

Piracy continues to grow; and digital ads fund some 85% of online pirate streaming activity. Major brands and hundreds of others are still unknowingly supporting piracy. In this session we discuss how advertisers and their agencies should institute best practices that have already been proven effective to increase brand safety, and how can we keep legitimate advertising from illegitimate services.


Bharat Kapoor, VP, Online Brand Protection, Authentix

Abrahim Farraj, Director, Creative Content Protection, NBCUniversal

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Strategic Intelligence: Now We Have the Data – What Do We Do With It?

Data can be gathered from many sources – but it’s what we do with that data that allows us to make informed choices on what to do next. In this session, we discuss how we use Intelligence derived from various sources, whether it be for Investigations or lobbying, and how it dictates our decision making on anti-piracy strategy and enforcement.


Juan Jose Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager, La Liga

Pascal Metral, Vice President Legal Affairs, NAGRA

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Cross Border Enforcement: Meaningful Outcomes in a (Dis)connected World

Just like online piracy is a problem everywhere, so too the enforcement actions against piracy syndicates can have global ramifications. With that in mind, it’s important to recognise the international cooperation that occurs to make a successful case. In this session, we look at cross-border enforcement cases and the challenges in getting a successful, longer lasting outcomes.


Mark Mulready, Vice President – Cyber Services, Irdeto

Stefan Sergot, Head of Legal-Enforcement, Premier League

Cédric Hardouin, EVP, R&D, Viaccess-Orca

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Shaping a Coordinated Response

With online copyright piracy a growing threat around the world, INTERPOL recently launched its Stop Online Piracy (I-SOP) initiative to counter online piracy and crimes involving intellectual property rights infringements, identify and dismantle illicit online marketplaces, target criminal networks and confiscate their assets.

Nick Court, Coordinator, IP Crime and Digital Piracy, INTERPOL

With Aaron Herps, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Closing Remarks and End of Piracy Summit

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA