All the talk about OTT is all about the G Word, Growth.  And increasingly international operators are looking to Asia to replace the growth that has slowed in North America and Europe.  Is Asia the growth opportunity everyone is searching for and if so, how does it get unlocked?  And should we be concerned that even Wall Street is worried now?  Is OTT still in the early stages of growth or is there a danger that a 30-year cycle of growth in Pay TV has been condensed to a 7-year cycle for OTT?

At this year’s OTT Summit we will be focusing on three themes, through which we will dissect and examine the video streaming industry in Asia. Looking at lessons learnt from 2021, we will predict key trends for the OTT industry in 2022 and seek to understand where the Growth opportunities are in the coming year. From there, we will look at the burgeoning potential of premium video Advertising and the role and development of the Technology that supports the OTT industry.

Join us on 30 – 31 March at the OTT Summit as we speak to some of the industry’s top leaders for their insights to these questions and more, as they gear up for greater growth and expansion and set the stage for their businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Other key topics include:

Is Video Still the Driver or is it Time to look Beyond?
Streaming Business – A Game Changer for the Thai Market
A Perfect Match – Sports and Streaming
Maximising the Value of Premium Digital Video in Asia
The Road to CTV Revenue and the Future of Free Ad Supported Streaming TV (FAST)
Tech Leaders Top of Mind: What Keeps Them Awake at Night?


Special Session: Ask Me Anything! Tech Leaders Talk

Most OTT players are still at nascent stages of their technology journey, but we are starting to see a bigger push in technology investment.  Join us for this session where our panel of experts will answer all of your burning questions about video tech live at the OTT Summit.

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December 5 @ 09:00
09:00 — 17:30 (8h 30′)