Vietnam In View
8 September 2021

Vietnam In View was held on 8 September where we addressed key questions and discussed topics including:

  • The Future of Television – The New Business Models of Today
  • How are Pay TV Platforms Reinventing Themselves in this Age of Transformation?
  • VOD Streaming – How is it Upending the Market?
  • Taking the Consumer Experience on Video Streaming to the Next Level 
  • The Rise of AVOD in Vietnam
  • The Pernicious Problems of Piracy

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Vietnam In View Report 2021

To complement the Vietnam in View conference, AVIA is producing a Vietnam in View Report 2021 available to members only. The report will give in-depth insights into all aspects of the TV industry in Vietnam. Detailing players in Pay TV, Free-To-Air and Online Curated Content providers, the report will focus on the wider landscape of the industry including audience distribution, programming models, as well as key partnerships. Also included will be an updated look at challenges to the industry, including piracy and potential regulation.

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8 September 2021

Vietnam in View

With a population of 98 million people, Vietnam is a big market by any standard, and when it comes to video, it is a riot of the old and the new. Big FTA and Pay TV operators abound but the world of video streaming is particularly vibrant with local hotshots VieOn, MyTV, FPT Play, TV360, VTVGo, Danet, Galaxy Play, ClipTV and POPS Worldwide, to international players such as Netflix, HBO GO, iQIYI, WeTV and YouTube, all vying to raise their competitiveness and win the hearts of local consumers. In Vietnam In View, we talk with the players who are shaping the market, understand where TV and Video is today and where it is going in the coming years.

Vietnam Time    
09:50 Welcome Address
Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

State of the TV and Video Industry in Vietnam

TV has long been the main source of entertainment in Vietnam, but the online video streaming market is brimming with potential for both local and foreign players. Since the start of the pandemic, the spotlight on the streaming market has only intensified. Is linear television still a behemoth compared to streaming? Does it still have the same level of influence? This opening presentation evaluates the market drivers, catalysts and challenges for the video industry and the changes ahead in the coming year.

Vu Tu Thanh, Consultant, AVIA, Deputy Regional Managing Director & Representative, US-ASEAN Business Council



The Future of Television – The New Business Models of Today

While television still dominates the media landscape in Vietnam, mobile internet is taking over as the primary way to access content in the region. The TV industry in Vietnam is now faced with the mammoth task of adapting to this new reality, with new market entrants and different partnership models. What are the challenges and opportunities in today’s TV market? How important will digital become compared to linear, and how do both sectors grow?

Nguyen Quang Dong, Director, Institute for Policy Research and Communication Development (IPS)
Nguyen Hanh, President,
John Huddle, Director, Market Development, Asia, SES
Alexandre Muller, MD APAC, TV5MONDE
With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


How are Pay TV Platforms Reinventing Themselves in this Age of Transformation?

With the domestic market becoming much more active due to the arrival of online video streaming services, Pay TV platforms are now bracing themselves for a challenge. Telecoms analysts GlobalData estimates that household penetration of Pay TV subscriptions in Vietnam will decline from 35.4% in 2020 to 30.3% by 2024. How do Pay TV platforms perceive the situation and what does the future hold for their legacy business? How do they reinvent
themselves to set their business apart from the competition and overcome the challenges they are facing?

Stéphane Le Dreau, SVP, Regional General Manager APAC, NAGRA
Vu Tu Thanh, Consultant, AVIA, Deputy Regional Managing Director & Representative, US-ASEAN Business Council
Phạm Thanh Phuong, Vice Director of Value-Added Services Center, Viettel Telecom
With Tran Thi Thanh Mai, General Director, Kantar Media Vietnam


VOD Streaming – How is it Upending the Market?

The market shares of cable and satellite networks have been shrinking gradually in the past few years in Vietnam, making way for the rapid growth of VOD streaming services. According to Akamai’s Asia Pacific Media Industry Report, Vietnam’s VOD industry is estimated to be at US$105 million in revenue for 2020 and its annual growth rate is expected to be 9.4%. What are the investment opportunities, how do you stay competitive in this market and how
can you drive higher ARPUs?

Ngo Thi Bich Hanh, SVP, BHD – Vietnam Media Corp
Greg Armshaw, Head of Media Asia, Brightcove
Harini Gopalakrishnan, CFO, Galaxy Play
Ian McKee, CEO, Vuulr
With Celeste Campbell-Pitt, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA


Taking the Consumer Experience on Video Streaming to the Next Level

Every video-streaming player wants us to believe that the only essential ingredient for binge-watching is great content. Amidst aggressive content marketing, technology is what underpins a sublime consumer experience. We look at the different types of technology that can enhance consumer experience and create a perceived value for content. How can an organisation view technology as an investment today that can improve business profitability in the long run and how is its ROI being measured?

Hrishikesh Varma, Director Product Management, Akamai Technologies
Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories
Dokyung Lee, VP Sales APAC, Viaccess-Orca
With James Miner, CEO, MinerLabs & Video Assure


How Content Providers Could Connect to Online Audiences Successfully and Uncover New Revenue Streams

Attracting today’s viewer is no longer just about the content. Content providers need a holistic distribution strategy which considers various platforms, timing, formats and devices. Understanding the role and strengths of each distribution platform is essential, but fragmented viewership can make it difficult to measure success. This session will help the audience understand YouTube’s unique strengths and provide examples of how Vietnamese
broadcasters have been leveraging YouTube to reach new audiences and uncover new revenue streams.

Mukpim Anantachai, Head of Partnerships, Vietnam & Thailand, YouTube



The Rise of AVOD in Vietnam

The AVOD business represents a fast-growing opportunity in the Vietnam market but also presents challenges in getting its content discovered by viewers. According to Statista market forecast, VOD sales in Vietnam is predicted to reach US$141 million by 2024, with SVOD making up the lion’s share, estimated to have generated US$71m in 2019 and predicted to account for US$120m by 2025. What lies ahead for Vietnam OTT advertising as consumption soars and device adoption evolves? How receptive are the Vietnamese consumers to advertising on OTT and what are their preferences? How can broadcasters/content owners open up their inventory to maximise ad revenue?

15min presentation by Anthony Tsang, Director of Business Development, Magnite followed by a panel discussion.

Andrew Niblett, Chief Investment Officer, GroupM Vietnam
Anthony Tsang, Director of Business Development, Magnite
John Xavier, VP of Brand & Ads Solutions, POPS Worldwide
Giang Nguyen, Lead Director, Inventory Partnerships, SEA, The Trade Desk
With Greg Armshaw, Head of Media Asia, Brightcove



The Pernicious Problems of Piracy

Paid streaming services have been thriving in Vietnam, with global names such as Netflix and HBO GO gaining a strong foothold in the market and local streaming platforms such as Fim+ and FPT Play rising at a swift rate. Meanwhile, online piracy remains prevalent and presents a major obstacle for companies in this segment to fully optimise their potential. We explore what some of the piracy enforcement measures are that have been implemented, what measures are currently being considered by government, and whether additional changes can
be made to reduce piracy and migrate Vietnamese consumers to legal services.

Ngo Thi Bich Hanh, SVP, BHD – Vietnam Media Corp
Mark Mulready, Vice President – Cyber Services, Irdeto
Phan Vu Tuan, Managing Partner, Phan Law Vietnam
Sean Godfrey, Senior Commercial Solicitor (APAC), The Premier League
With Aaron Herps, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Global or Local Content – What do Vietnamese Want?

Vietnam’s VOD streaming market has been growing rapidly, with the pandemic prompting more consumers to migrate to these services. This has sparked fierce competition between local and foreign players who are vying to raise their content competitiveness to win the hearts of local consumers. Which types of content on the VOD platforms are resonating with local viewers? How do changing consumer habits affect content strategies and in particular, how do you cater your offering to speak to younger audiences?

Nguyen Hanh, President,
With Celeste Campbell-Pitt, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA

15:20 Closing Remarks and End of Conference


Speaker Spotlight

Harini Gopalakrishnan
Galaxy Play
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    Harini, you joined Galaxy Play as CFO at the start of the year. What are your priorities in this new role?

    Yes, I joined Galaxy Play beginning of 2021, and am very excited about the role. I have 2 key priorities. One is to help accelerate growth. We are on a high growth trajectory, doubling users this year and we are focused on expanding distribution and optimizing customer acquisition efforts. Second, I focus on data integration across the organization. As a consumer tech platform, we thrive on consumer and consumption data; and I lead efforts to make data analysis and insights more structured and actionable.

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    How would you describe Galaxy Play to people who have not used the service, and what are you trying to do that’s different to other online streaming services?

    Galaxy Play is the # 1 Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) service in Vietnam by far with over 7mn users. We deliver the best content across devices, with affordable pricing plans. We focus solely on high quality film and series content and have the best content library. We have tie-ups with the biggest Hollywood studios to offer blockbuster feature films on our platform, ensuring we have the best global content for our audience.

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    The video streaming marketing in Vietnam is particularly vibrant with local and international players vying for market share. What is your subscriber acquisition strategy?

    We follow a content led model for acquisition. We have the best global content on our platform, and this helps attract organic users to our platform. We also follow a broad distribution strategy creating easy access to our users across platforms: e.g. we are the # 1 VOD paid app across both mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

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    Tell us more about Galaxy Play’s content strategy between original production and acquisition?

    Galaxy Group is the leading feature film producer in Vietnam with an 18-year track record and multiple blockbusters under its belt. We have deep roots in this industry, and we also leverage our talent network to produce digital first content. We will however continue to balance between acquisition and original content, to create the best entertainment content library for the Vietnamese consumer.

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    How do you see the SVOD market evolving in Vietnam?

    We are the first mover in the SVOD space in Vietnam, having launched in 2015. The Vietnam market is still early at only 5% penetration of SVOD, but we are seeing strong traction from consumers, especially over the last 12 months. We believe the market is now ready for take-off and expected to reach over 25% penetration by 2030 at the current rapid levels of growth. As the #1 player, we expect to garner a lion’s share of this growth.

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