Thailand in View
18 August 2020

The television landscape in Thailand has changed dramatically over the past six years. The launch of digital terrestrial television (DTT) and the rapid growth of online streaming platforms have led to an increased fragmentation of the industry. With the COVID 19 crisis and consumers turning to streaming platforms in droves, this change has been accelerated like never before. What is the longer term impact of COVID-19 on video consumption and monetization in Thailand, and what will the market look like in 2021?

Conference Highlights

  • Next Generation Media in Thailand.
  • Targeting the Thai Gen Z – How are They Watching Video Right Now?
  • iQIYI and Tencent’s Pursuit of Growth in Thailand.
  • Evolution of  Online Video in the Region.
  • How can OTT Win the Confidence, and Advertising Dollars, of Thai Marketers Today?
  • Viewability (Time in View) is King – How can Premium Video demonstrate its Differentiated Value?

Thailand in View 2020 Report

In conjunction with the Thailand in View event, AVIA is producing a Thailand in View Report 2020. This report will be a deep dive into the state of the TV industry in Thailand, including Free-To-Air, Pay TV and Online Curated Content providers. Looking at audience distribution, programming models and the competitive landscape, the report will give up-to-date data on the ongoing evolution of business models in Thailand. Also included will be detailed insights into regulations across the industry as well as any foreshadowed changes. Finally, piracy will feature, with a look at the challenges and approaches being taken.

The full report will be made available to all AVIA members once it is ready. For non-members who are interested in purchasing the report, please contact . A bundle price is now available for Thailand In View non-member delegates. Click here to purchase the report together with your event ticket.

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Ongard Prapakamol
Chief Media Officer
True Corporation
Thawatvongse Silamanonda
Country Manager
Viu Thailand
Kelvin Yau
VP of International Business Department and GM Thailand
iQIYI International
Pathamawan Sathaporn
Mindshare Thailand
Kanokporn-Jay Prachayaset
Country Manager, WeTV Thailand
Tencent Thailand
Rishi Varma
Director of Product Management (APJ)
Shad Hashmi
SVP, Digital Services Global Distribution
BBC Studios
Greg Armshaw
Head of Media
Sushant Sharma
Sunil Naryani
VP Commercials & Partnerships, Amplifi APAC
Dentsu Aegis Network
Kazuo Koike
Dentsu X Thailand
Paphop Ruchutrakool (Pok)
Head of Media & Digital Marketing, VP
James Sampson
Regional Head, Strategy & Partnerships
Yogesh Sehgal
Regional Manager, Asia
Malin Ponteerasatian
SVP, Office of Digital Business
MCOT Public Company
Liew Tze Min
Head of Sales, South East Asia
Joe Suteestarpon
Mediaplex Group
Aaron Rigby
Nielsen Media, Thailand
Unmish Parthasarathi
Picture Board Partners
Virat Patel
Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific
Marissa Hanafi
Head of OTT & Content
POPS Worldwide
Nigel Kwan
VP of Marketing, APAC
Asst.Prof.Dr.Pakdee Manaves
Deputy Secretary-General
The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)
Bihao Pan
Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships
The Trade Desk
Kirana Chew (Mee)
Deputy Director, Planning & Business Development, Strategic Content Group
True Corporation
David Sky
Director of Advertising Operations
True Digital Media and Platform
Akirakorn I-kitisiri
Viu Thailand
Ian McKee
Louis Boswell
John Medeiros
Chief Policy Officer
Neil Gane
AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)
Joe Nguyen


AM Sessions (09:30 - 12:00 BKK)


Welcome Address

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Market Overview: The Current State of Thailand’s TV and Video Industry

The television landscape in Thailand has changed dramatically in the past six years. The launch of digital terrestrial television (DTT) and the rapid growth of online streaming platforms have led to the growing fragmentation of the industry. Competition for ad dollars has been so steep that some players have been driven out of the business.    With the COVID 19 crisis and consumers turning to streaming platforms in droves, this change has been accelerated like never before. This presentation evaluates the market drivers, catalysts and challenges of the industry. What is happening year on year? Is a stable equilibrium anywhere in sight?

John Medeiros, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA


Keynote Conversation: Next Generation Media in Thailand

In this fireside chat with True Corporation’s Chief Media Officer, Ongard Prapakamol, we will discuss their media strategy across Pay TV, FTA and Streaming. What impact does the evolution of these services have upon business models? What is the role of subscription revenue and advertising revenue as you evolve and how do they see the market evolving over the next 5 years?

Ongard Prapakamol, Chief Media Officer, True Corporation

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


In Conversation: The Pursuit of Growth in Thailand

iQiyi, China’s largest video streaming service, is breaking new ground in the entertainment space and expanding its international footprint with Thailand being one of its key markets. We explore iQiyi’s roadmap fr the next 2 years in the Thai market. How does it plan to target and drive new sources of growth for local and premium content? What is the status of its launch of more technology and partnership initiatives to meet local needs?

Kelvin Yau, VP of International Business Department and GM Thailand, iQIYI International

With Virat Patel, MD, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific


Targeting the Thai Gen Z – How are they Watching Video Right Now

Gen Z consumers are the video-first generation – the generation that never knew about cable and are likely to be “cord-nevers”.  They watch video in a completely different way than older generations and they pose interesting challenges for content providers. In this session, we speak to these different companies on how they are reaching out to the Gen Z consumers. What type of content they want, what devices and platforms they prefer and how they would want to be engaged?


Marissa Hanafi, Head of OTT & Content, POPS Worldwide

Kirana Chew (Mee), Deputy Director, Planning & Business Development, Strategic Content Group, True Corporation

Thawatvongse Silamanonda, Country Manager, Viu Thailand

With Shad Hashmi, SVP, Digital Services Global Distribution, BBC Studios


The Future of Content Distribution & Acquisition

Digital marketplaces are quickly becoming the new normal for content acquisition and distribution in the age of social distancing. Vuulr’s digital content marketplace allows buyers and sellers worldwide to negotiate directly and close deals digitally within days. In this session, we will address the digital transformation of content acquisition and distribution and how buyers & sellers alike stand to benefit from an increasingly borderless content economy.

Ian McKee, CEO, Vuulr


The Next Phase of OTT in Thailand: What Do Publishers Need to Thrive?

While consumers are watching more video content than ever before via an internet connection, publishers are increasingly looking to programmatic as the primary source of monetization for ad supported content. In this session, Yogesh Sehgal, Regional Manager, Asia at Magnite will chat with David Sky, Director of Ad Operations at True Digital Media and Platform about the next phase of OTT in Thailand and discuss how publishers are navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead. They will also discuss how the successful alignment of a publisher’s programmatic tools, technology and partnerships will help set them up for success.

David Sky, Director of Advertising Operations, True Digital Media and Platform

With Yogesh Sehgal, Regional Manager, Asia, Magnite


3 Key Challenges for OTTs in Emerging Markets Today and How We can Overcome Them

With every industry disrupted in a matter of weeks, we’re facing a transformed landscape for the foreseeable future. Peak time expanding from as early as 8am till 11pm and we are seeing increased online viewership and very different usage patterns compared to what media organizations are generally used to today. With the unexpected increasing traffic and usage growth overnight, how can media companies quickly start to shift their business priorities and determine the changes they need to manage with their business continuity?

Rishi Varma, Director – Media Products, Media and Delivery Solutions, APJ, Akamai


In Conversation: Regulations for the 21st Century

The digital revolution has resulted in the exponential growth of platforms delivering media and video content. In this session, we will address how Thailand sees the challenges posed by this technological evolution and the rise of online content.  How can regulation facilitate industry growth and greater contribution to the Thai economy, and what changes are likely to come in the Thai regulatory environment?

Asst.Prof.Dr.Pakdee Manaves, Deputy Secretary-General, The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)

With John Medeiros, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA

PM Sessions (14:00 - 16:30 BKK)


Thailand Piracy Landscape and Enhancements to the Site Blocking Provisions

Chakra Yodmani, Director of the IPR Enforcement Office, Department of Intellectual Property Thailand

Neil Gane, General Manager, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Evolution of Online Video in Thailand

Online video streaming platforms have been expanding into emerging markets like Thailand, providing a vital revenue source. Improved network coverage has also contributed to the growth of VOD services.  We will review which business model (AVOD or SVOD) works in Thailand. What is the sweet spot in pricing whilst addressing piracy issues? How are they are engaging Thai consumers with fresh and relevant content? What are these companies doing to ensure long term growth in this market?


Joe Suteestarpon, Founder, Mediaplex Group

Kanokporn-Jay Prachayaset, Country Manager, WeTV Thailand, Tencent Thailand

Akirakorn I-kitisiri, AVP, Viu Thailand

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


How can OTT Win the Confidence -and Advertising Dollars- of Thai Marketers Today?

The growth in ad spend on VOD services is outpacing expenditure in other media such as paid-for search advertising, and traditional formats such as TV and print. We discuss what the industry needs to do to get onto the media plans of marketers today. How can we continue to drive advertising sales revenue on OTT/connected devices given content licensing revenue is slowly declining?  Is this relevant to advertisers per se? What is the role of OTT within the modern media plan – what does it do differently from other channels and how can it complement a media plan?       


Paphop Ruchutrakool (Pok), Head of Media & Digital Marketing, VP, dtac

Pathamawan Sathaporn, MD, Mindshare Thailand

Nigel Kwan, VP of Marketing, APAC, SpotX

Bihao Pan, Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

With Joe Nguyen, Consultant, AVIA


Improving Advertising Experience (AX) with Data

With over billions being spent globally in programmatic advertising, data-driven advertising poses a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach and engage potential customers. In this session, we will discuss what data-driven marketing means for the future of advertising. How does this fit in the marketing strategy? What are some of the examples and case studies?


Sushant Sharma, VP APAC, Conviva

Kazuo Koike, MD, Dentsu X Thailand

James Sampson, Regional Head, Strategy & Partnerships, GrabAds

Liew Tze Min, Head of Sales, South East Asia, MediaKind

With Unmish Parthasarathi, Founder, Picture Board Partners


Time in View (Viewability) is King – How can Premium Video Demonstrate its Differentiated Value?

The concept of when an ad should be counted as “viewable,” the levels of viewability that have an impact on users, and how one pays for these varying levels has been hotly debated in the digital ecosystem. As premium video delivers TV-grade content across a variety of platforms and environments, there is an opportunity for advertisers to do more with them. This discussion will help quantify the relationship between viewability and brand metrics. What other optimisation scenarios could help elevate the impact of ads at lower levels of viewability? How can brands make ads more effective given viewability standards?


Sunil Naryani, VP Commercials & Partnerships, Amplifi APAC, Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific

Malin Ponteerasatian, Malin has a accountSVP (Office of Digital Business), MCOT Public Company

Aaron Rigby, MD, Nielsen Media, Thailand

With Greg Armshaw, Head of Media, Brightcove


Closing Remarks & End of Seminar

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