Satellite Industry Forum 2024

Satellite Industry Forum | 28 May 2024, Tuesday
9.00am – 6pm SGT |

Looks like 2024 is going to be exciting year for the satellite industry! Will the NSGOs take over from the geostationary players – or is that just a perception based on hyperbole and press releases? Is satellite-to-device the next “big deal” – but will we ever get much more than just messaging and low speed data? And those tens of thousands of satellites. . . with all the debris and junk. Looks like the world is waking up to the problem big time! Are software defined satellites living up to their claims and expectations – and to what extent is inflation and supply chain problems affecting the economics? And is linear TV finally on its last legs? How do all these questions link up?

This, and much more, at the Satellite Industry Forum in Singapore on 28th May. Join us for a full day of riveting discussions with industry leaders where we will explore all facets of the satellite business in Asia.

09:05 Welcome Address
Louis Boswell, CEO, Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA)

Opening Keynote: What is at Stake for the Satellite Industry?
Yet once again the satellite industry faces significant challenges – but is that an opportunity or a threat, or both? Are NGSOs changing the whole market structure – and how are the GSO operators dealing with that, and are the financial markets spooked by all of that? Are software-defined satellites living up to expectations in terms of
affordability and delivery schedules? Are we dealing properly with questions of orbital debris? Everyone seems to be looking at Direct to Device – but is that a real market? And what are the latest developments in ground segment – how are they responding to all these challenges? What about the latest spectrum developments? So many questions to be dealt with in just one session!

Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, CEO, THAICOM
With Dara Panahy, Partner, Milbank LLP


Asia-Pacific Satellite Leaders Roundtable
With the tremendous developments and changes the entire satellite industry is undergoing, what are the perspective of key leaders from across the industry on the opportunities and challenges that must be surmounted in order to continue thriving and succeeding in the year ahead.

Mark Rigolle, CEO, ABS
Raymond Chow, Chief Commercial Officer, AsiaSat
Yau Chyong Lim, COO, MEASAT Satellite Systems
Kenichi Shimotsuma, GM, Asia Regional Headquarters & Regional Director, Singapore Branch, SKY Perfect JSAT
Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, CEO, THAICOM
With Dara Panahy, Partner, Milbank LLP

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Spectrum Update
Following the WRC-23 decisions, what can we look forward to for WRC-27, how real is the IMT threat vs opportunity – Earth Station In Motion (ESIMs), Inter-satellite links, Non-terrestrial Networks/Direct-to-device/MSS, and perspectives on what are the licensing/market access considerations.

Alexis Martin, Chief Consulting Officer, River Advisers
With Peng Zhao, VP Policy & Regulatory, Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA)


The Customers Talk
Streaming, it’s said, is the future but is linear video dead, or still twitching – what effect, if any does that have on expected satellite capacity demand? What’s their view on all of the NGSO/GSO kerfuffle and do they care? Is lower latency really such a big deal? Will Direct to Device be a game changer? And what keeps them up at night?

Paul Mattear, Head of Global SatCom (A&S), Amazon Web Services
Huang Baozhong, EVP, APT Satellite
Mark Wardle, VP, Engineering & Operations, Encompass Digital Media
James Alderdice, VP, Asia Pacific, Lynk Global
Mahdi Nazari Mehrabi, CTIO, Northtelecom
Martin Arias, Operations Advisor, Wireless Nation
With Gregg Daffner, CEO, GapSat


Navigating India’s New Space Policy
The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) has just released the “Norms, Guidelines and Procedures” (NGP) document for the implementation of Indian Space Policy. How has the NGP made it easier to navigate the process and regulations in order to benefit from India’s push to open up this sector to private players, from building and launching satellites to setting up ground stations and sharing remote sensing data? And what are some of the potential avoidable challenges?

Pranav Roach, President, Hughes Network Systems India


Keeping Our Feet on the Ground
The new generation of software defined satellites and NGSO systems rely significantly on gateways and ground segment as an integral part of the overall network. How is this sector of the industry adapting to changing requirements, and what USPs do they offer? What advice would they give to manufacturers and customers?

Thomas Choi, Executive Chairman, Curvalux & Saturn
Yossi Gal, VP Regional Sales, Gilat Satellite Network
Kartik Sheshadri, VP – International Operations, Hughes International
Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys
Jo De Loor, VP Market Development and Strategy, ST Engineering iDirect
With Adrian Potter, VP Business Development & Engineering, ACESAT Satellite Corp


Tumult, Volatility, Disruption – What’s Next?
2023 was a tumultuous and volatile year in the space industry for financing and insurance, but also a year in which new business models picked up momentum – what’s next?

Ken Chia, Principal, Baker & McKenzie Wong & Leow
Thomas Jones, Partner, Bird & Bird
Stephen Monks, Managing Director, Marsh Specialty Space Projects
Dara Panahy, Partner, Milbank LLP
Jacinth Lau, Deputy Director, Industry Unit, Office for Space Technology & Industry, Singapore (OSTIn)
With Jeremy Rose, Partner, COMSYS LLP

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The Rocket Scientists
Inflation, supply chain delays, in-orbit failures and dwindling order books in the GSO sector – what (more) could possibly go wrong?!

Vivian Quenet, Managing Director, Arianespace Asia-Pacific
Joe Bogosian, VP, Business Development, Boeing Satellite Systems International
Mark Ramsey, Chief Commercial Officer, Space Machines Company
Michael Kaliski, Chief Technology Officer, HummingSat, SWISSto12
With Peter de Selding, Co-founder and Chief Editor,


View From the Top: The Way Ahead – Yes-No-Maybe
Brought back by popular demand and taking into consideration what was shared in all of the earlier sessions, this diverse panel unites industry executives for a high-level talk about the future of the satellite industry and the way ahead. Our panel will share their short- and long-term market forecasts of the satellite business, and cover expected / unexpected milestones, exciting new applications, potential unforeseen challenges and opportunities, and more!

Neha Idnani, Regional Vice President – APAC, Eutelsat OneWeb
Jacques-Samuel Prolon, EVP, Corporate Development, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group
Sanjay Duda, CEO, Planetcast Media Services
Donald Chew, VP of Sales, APAC, Rivada Space Networks
Katherine Gizinski, CEO, River Advisers
With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

18:20 Closing Remarks Followed by Satellite Industry Forum Cocktails

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