Philippines In View
18 May 2021

There are at least a dozen streaming services in the Philippines, including big names such as Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Fox+, YouTube Premium and homegrown platform, iWant, which carries the biggest library of Filipino movies. Still, television remains king, drawing nine out of every ten Filipinos. Research firm Nielsen reported TV viewership grew some 3.8 million during shutdowns to contain the coronavirus outbreak. But with 73 million out of the total population of 110 million having Internet access, the Philippines market remains fertile for streaming services.

Philippines in View 2021 will discuss key highlights including:

  • The Current State of Free and Pay-TV in the Philippines
  • The Future of TV Video Streaming in the region – is it a Long Way to Profitability?
  • Content Arms Race and Piracy Challenges
  • Regulations for the 21st Century
  • eSports and Gaming – has it Become a Serious Business in the Philippines?

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