OTT Summit
29 March – 1 April 2021

Thank you for joining us at the OTT Summit which was held from 29 March – 1 April.  All of the sessions are now available for viewing on demand for all AVIA members.

The goal of the Summit is to assess both the current reality as well as the future prospects of the video streaming industry.  Has the pandemic accelerated development or hindered business opportunities?  To what degree is the industry going direct-to-consumer or is partnering with telcos more important to get critical mass?  And what do the business deals look like in that supply chain?  Focusing on 4 key themes, we will break down these questions and more, as we look forward to another exciting but most definitely challenging year of streaming ahead.






Day 1: 29 March 2021


Streaming video services have grown rapidly over the last six years, and with billions invested already, there is little sign of this slowing down. With a year of COVID lockdowns behind us, is 2021 a seminal year for the industry? New services are launching, new relationships are being forged between telcos and VOD platforms, and there is not yet a consensus on how to go to market. We want to know how the tides are changing as more players enter the field and how best to scale a streaming business as competition heats up.

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Opening Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



Pulling the Future Forward: What Video Trends Are We Seeing Post COVID-19?

This opening presentation will offer a global perspective of the video industry, its impact on the Asian markets and what each streaming service will need to do to position themselves for greater success.


Matthew Ball, Managing Partner, Epyllion Industries



The Aggregator View: What Does the Streaming Carriage Deal Look Like Today?

What is the symbiotic relationship between an aggregator and a streaming partner today? What role does video play in telcos and pay TV platforms strategies moving forward? With so much fragmentation in the OTT market, will telco and pay TV platform play the role of content aggregator? And do they even want to? How does each carriage deal differ – does size (and scale) matter?



Euan Smith, Group COO and CEO, TV, Astro

Goh Seow Eng, MD, Home, Consumer Singapore, Singtel

Yann Courqueux, VP, Home Product, Consumer Business Group, StarHub

Emily Wee, VP of Content & Operations, TM Net


With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



The Content Provider View: What Does the Streaming Carriage Deal Look Like Today?

This session turns the tables to see life from the viewpoint of the content providers. What does a content partnership mean? Is there a better understanding now of how a telco partnership should work? Are they still going D2C or with telcos or both – what will make the most sense and how do these decisions impact revenue?



Ryan Shiotani, SVP and GM, South and South East Asia, BBC Studios

Simon Robinson, President (APAC) & Chief Transformation Officer, Discovery Inc

Tony Zameczkowski, VP, Business Development, Asia, Netflix

Helen Sou, Chief Business Officer – Asia, Viu

David Simonsen, SVP – Business Development and Digital Distribution, Asia, WarnerMedia


With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



The New Rules of Running an OTT Services – There are NO Rules

With most OTT TV players, what keeps them awake at night are customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue growth. If innovation for you means which payment gateway you integrated last, then you need to tune in to Greg Armshaw. Greg will outline how to improve the bottom line, invigorate the user experience and provide your

users with greater choice on how they want to enjoy their OTT experiences.


Greg Armshaw, Senior Solutions Director, Asia, Brightcove



Moving to an OTT/D2C Business: What’s the Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy for Content Providers?

We look at experiences shared by streaming providers on what the best way is to find the ideal GTM strategy within a short period of time when starting an OTT service, and how a service could best reach their targeted customers and achieve competitive advantage.



Sofia Regojo, SVP Global Sales Kaltura

Alexandre Muller, MD APAC, TV5MONDE

Rezki Yanuar, VP Marketing, Vidio


With Monty Ghai, Founder and CEO, Brandwith



End of Day 1

Day 2: 30 March 2021


Any streaming service is only as good as its library so getting the content right is paramount. But the balance between investing and monetising has never been more challenging. Big bets are being made on SVOD and AVOD services, and there are causes for optimism and caution for each. Do different content propositions lend themselves to different monetisation models? And what can we learn from the world of gaming?


Opening Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



Rethinking Your Content Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

Capturing and engaging audiences with original content is a challenge. Consumers consistently demand new content, but fresh new original programming is expensive. What’s the plan for OTT content in the new year – both local and regional? How does one create a continued content development plan that fits within the subscriber pricing strategy? How does the current situation influence future content consumption habits of consumers – what are you planning to put into your content library?



Lynn Ng, VP, Head of Content, APAC, Discovery, Inc.

Quark Henares, Head, Globe Studios

Michele Schofield, SVP, Content Distribution, ONE ANIMATION

Kranti Gada, COO, Shemaroo Entertainment


With Jennifer Batty, Media Advisor



AVOD, SVOD, Freemium: How Has the Experiment Been?

The great debate over subscription versus ad-funded versus hybrid continues among streaming services. There are quite a lot of experiments going on and the industry is still yet to agree on what is the right mix. SVOD faces its own challenges – most notably, the concept of subscription fatigue. Does a freemium proposition represent the best of both worlds in Asia? Is aggregation the way forward? For SVOD services, will the measurement for subscriber growth be harder to quantify because of free trial offers such as those from the launch of streaming giants?



Anil Nihalani, Head of Digital Products & Technology, Mediacorp

Gourav Rakshit, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures

Varun Mehta, Country Head – Indonesia, Viu

Lesley Simpson, Country Manager, WeTV and iflix Indonesia


With Greg Armshaw, Senior Solutions Director, Asia, Brightcove



In Conversation: Lionsgate’s Playbook for Global Growth

Lionsgate’s international business is at the forefront of the company’s transformation with deep investments into key local markets. How does Lionsgate plan to compete, monetise and scale in the global digital marketplace, including India, Indonesia and Asia Pacific as a whole?


Rohit Jain, MD, Lionsgate South Asia and Networks – Emerging Markets Asia, Lionsgate


With Cathy Yang, First VP & Group Head Corporate Communications, PLDT 



How Content Acquisition and Distribution is Changing – Maximising Monetisation Opportunities

Back in the day, the only logical way to pay for buying content rights was to negotiate a flat fee. But that was before the world of digital tools, where performance based on number of views was easily measurable. We look at where the global trend of performance driven content and distribution model is at, why it is important and how it can provide the fuel for effective content and monetization solutions.


Ian McKee, CEO, Vuulr


With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



Revenue Opportunities in Video Gaming for Telco and Content Providers

In Southeast Asia, gaming is gaining tremendous momentum from the rapid growth of mobile and Internet users. It was projected the number of PC online and mobile gamers in Southeast Asia alone will reach 476 million by 2023, generating an expected revenue of US$8.3 billion. Content owners and telcos are seeing a way forward for gaming by betting on subscription services. We look at what the pillars of gaming can offer as IP and what the opportunities are for content owners and telcos to leverage on gaming.



Anthony Cliquot, COO & Head of Strategic Partnerships, AirConsole

Nikko Acosta, Senior VP, Content Business and Product Management, Globe Telecom

Rob Langton, Group Head XL Home, XL Axiata


With Virat Patel, MD, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific



End of Day 2


Day 3: 31 March 2021


2020 was a tough year for the advertising markets but expectations are that there will be a strong recovery in Asia. Will this come in 2021? And as budgets continue to be moved from linear to digital, do advertisers understand the opportunity of premium video in the streaming era? Or with the rush to data, have we lost a level of sophistication?

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Opening Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



Advertising Market Overview: Shifting of Ad Spend in 2021-2022

In 2021, it was forecasted that Asia Pacific, with its successful containment of COVID-19 and not as advanced ad economy, will bounce back quickly. Are we expecting the shift in budgets from linear to digital to kick into high gear in 2021? Are we seeing more viewers in APAC watching free content with ads over a paid ad-free service? What other trends are we expecting for TV and video in the coming year?



Jennifer Chase, VP, Digital Sales & Solutions, Commercial Group, Mediacorp

Anita Munro, Chief Investment Officer, Mindshare APAC

David Sky, Advertising Solutions Director, True Digital


With Tom Dover, Senior Account Director, Xandr



Inside Peek into the Buy Side’s Media Plans

In this session with key buy side leaders, we discuss what is the biggest bugbear when it comes to TV and OTT advertising. How are brands looking at their TV and OTT buying strategy? What are advertisers’ views on CTV buying? What could publishers, broadcasters and pay TV companies do to compete more effectively with the large social platforms?



Anisha Iyer, MD, OMD Malaysia

Mitch Waters, SVP of South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, The Trade Desk

David Porter, VP Global Media – Asia Pacific & Africa, Unilever

Audrey Chong, CEO, Universal McCann and Ensemble Worldwide


With Gavin Buxton, MD Asia, SpotX



OTT / CTV Advertising: Will It Be the Breakout Star of 2021?

Is CTV advertising market likely to mature in 2021? What are the key barriers to considering an increased investment in CTV? Predictions were made that there will be major ad revenue growth for CTV publishers, but where will these budgets come from? Currently, CTV has no universal “measurement currency,” how will this impact investment in CTV advertising?



Gulshan Verma, SVP & Head, Advertising, Disney+ Hotstar

John Miskelly, APAC Investment Director, GroupM

Vasuta Agarwal, MD, Asia Pacific, InMobi

Juliette Stead, SVP Head of JAPAC, Magnite


With Sunil Naryani, VP, Commercials & Partnerships APAC, Dentsu International



Connecting the Dots in OTT and CTV: The Identity Opportunity

As OTT and CTV continues to gain traction, securing a long-term solution to ensure audience addressability is key to seeing the format scale. But what does that solution look like? With many large publishers having logged in authenticated traffic, is there a use case for alternative IDs in CTV? Cookies were never used, but is there a place for first party solutions? Or will publishers attempt to create their own ID solutions? And what does this mean for buyers looking to target and frequency cap across multiple platforms and multiple devices? In this session, we’ll speak to buyers and broadcasters to understand how they’re approaching identity for OTT and CTV in 2021.


10min presentation by Andrew Baron, SVP, Machine Learning and Marketplace, PubMatic



Cassandra Tan, Head of Partnerships, APAC, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Travis Clinger, SVP Addressability & Ecosystem, LiveRamp

Andrew Baron, SVP, Machine Learning and Marketplace, PubMatic

David Sky, Advertising Solutions Director, True Digital


With Jason Barnes, Chief Revenue Officer, APAC, PubMatic



End of Day 3


Day 4: 1 April 2021


Content is king, but technology is queen. The content has to be great, but so does the customer experience. And that is not easy and it is not cheap. We explore how you pull together all the necessary pieces required to deliver a world class experience for consumers and how you harness technology rather than letting it hinder you.


Opening Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA



How Is Technology Shaping the Future of Streaming Services?

Technological disruptions have always had a deep and pervasive influence on the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, and it will continue to shape and disrupt the industry. We look at how technological advances are driving convergence in M&E companies, how it alters business practices and how it could enhance consumer experiences and perceived value of content.



Pankaj Kedia, MD, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories

Raul Aldrey, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind

Sardjono Insani, Director, Media Engineering & Operation, The Walt Disney Company

Sunita Kaur, SVP, APAC, Twitch


With James Miner, CEO, MinerLabs & Video Assure



Role Transition for Cloud Vendors in Video Streaming

OTT streaming has redefined the media content consumption landscape. Cloud vendors have significantly contributed to this exponential growth by providing core cloud-native delivery infrastructure to OTT players at lower costs. The role of cloud vendors has shifted from infrastructure providers to prime drivers of technology for the OTT industry – so much so that they now lead media technology altogether. It will be interesting to see how the market shapes up in the next 12-18 months, as more content and production houses start setting up their own OTT platforms. How can cloud vendors play a key role in this space while streaming providers make the battle of viewer acquisition and retention fiercer?



Ken Xu Ying, Lead Architect (Media), Alibaba

Cloud Jeff Malkin, President,

Gary Hamer, SVP, Global Sales & Business Development, SmartLabs

Eunice Park, Chief Revenue Officer, Zixi


With Unmish Parthasarathi, Founder, Picture Board Partners



Reimagine Next Gen Streaming with Your Video Network in the Cloud

The rapidly escalating quality and availability of video content across consumer devices is pushing traditional video network infrastructure to its limit. Building a video network that can accommodate the range of audience growth, and content that looks and sounds incredible across all screens is the key challenge here. We explore how a cloud- based video network can lower the latency in live video streaming, deliver better audio-visual quality and improve operational efficiency.


Itzhak Elyakim, CTO and VP Engineering, Yes


With Khush Kundi, Head of Video Network, APAC, Synamedia



You’ve Got Subscribers, Now What?

Subscribing to products and services is now the norm in APAC. While subscriber acquisition might be smooth sailing

right now, this isn’t always going to be the case. Now that a good number of subscribers have walked through your doors, you need to be more creative in retaining those subscribers that you’ve worked hard to acquire. In this session we will explore two proven strategies that deliver the convenient and varied experiences that your users want: leveraging subscription intelligence & bundling services, and how to reach sustainable growth?


Sharath Dorbala, CEO, Vindicia


With Shad Hashmi, Principal Consultant



Emtek’s Digital Transformation

Technological advancement and access to high speed internet have combined to radically reshape the way people consume media and entertainment content today. Emtek has been at the forefront of this transition, as a leading player in digital entertainment, commerce and payments. In this session, we explore how Emtek is tackling digital transformation, from the digital initiatives it has deployed to the importance of technology partnerships in making this transformation a success.


Sutanto Hartono, MD, PT. Elang Mahkota Teknologi (EMTEK)


With Rohan Tiwary, Head of Media, News & Entertainment Partnerships, APAC, Google



An Operator’s Journey: From Selected Technology to Commercial Product Success

Going from an idea to the final product is a very dynamic journey full of achievements and setbacks. Together with True and Google, we will discover their path to market success. Through the eyes of an operator, we will start the journey from the early days of ideation to the present time where success is now evident and the future promising. What were the main setbacks? How does one cope with the large market demand? Will the end used ever be satisfied with the quality and commitment given by the operator? These and many more questions will be answered through a chat with one of the leaders of the APAC DTV market.



Mark Seidenfeld, Head of Android TV BD APAC, Google

Marco Guida, Chief Revenue Officer, True Digital


With Xavier Marle, Director of Sales and BD APAC, iWedia



Tech Leaders Closing Viewpoints: It’s Not All About Content – How Can Investment in Technology Improve Profitability?

It can be tempting to cut technology spending to make the numbers look better. However, this can be counterproductive. We look at how an organisation could view technology as an investment that can improve one’s business profitability in the long run. What types of technology are available to help achieve this goal, how is ROI being measured and how does one get started with planning for the next technology investment?



Gobi Tarmat, Director of Presales – Media & Carrier Division, APJ, Akamai

Charlie Sung, Senior Manager, EPS APAC, BytePlus

Manish Verma, Head of Technology, SonyLIV

Anson Tan, Country Head – Singapore, Viu


With Sushant Sharma, VP APAC, Conviva



End of OTT Summit