OTT Virtual Summit
29 June – 3 July 2020

What’s New for 2020?

The OTT Virtual Summit 2020 is the defining event discussing The Future of Video Streaming in Asia. It will see conversations around 7 subject matters that are particularly relevant to the video streaming industry today.

  • The future of video streaming with the impact of COVID-19
  • Going D2C: The challenges and opportunities for video companies
  • Advertising vs COVID-19: Woes or Wins?
  • Buy side talk: What does the future of the video buy look like?
  • Cross-industry innovation: The way to engage with consumers
  • Addressing challenges in billing & payment in Asia
  • Connecting with consumers during and post COVID-19 


Day 1: 29 June 2020

09:30 Opening Remarks
Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Streaming Video’s Future with the Impact of COVID-19
The pace of change for OTT video globally is rapid and new trends are emerging constantly. With the COVID 19 crisis and consumers turning to streaming platforms in droves, this change has been accelerated like never before. This opening presentation will address new consumer insights and analytics reports leveraging the AMPD Research Platform. Anthony Dobson will take us through the impact of COVID 19 on video and gaming consumption, monetization in key Asian markets and what the key take-aways are for industry stakeholders.

Anthony Dobson, VP, Media Partners Asia (MPA) & MD, AMPD Research


09:55 Thought Leaders’ Talk: Setting the Stage for Streaming
A decade since it started, online streaming entertainment is in a crucial phase. Media companies are looking to meet consumers where they are — online — and in some cases, use their own pipes to deliver content — to not just TVs, but tablets and smartphones. In this opening session, industry leaders will share insights on why this space is exciting, and the innovations and partnerships that can change the future of media.

• Simon Robinson, President of APAC, Discovery Asia Pacific & CFO International, Discovery International
• Tony Zameczkowski, VP, Business Development, Asia, Netflix
• Helen Sou, Chief Business Officer – Asia, Viu
• Clément Schwebig, MD, WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks, Southeast Asia, Pacific and China

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


The Next-Gen Proposition for the Home
Today’s home entertainment ecosystem still sees life revolving around set-top boxes and remotes. How will this landscape develop over the next 2 years in Asia? How can telcos, content providers and technology companies streamline the user experience for consumers and deliver apps and games? What impact will Android TV and other platforms have on the home and what are the security and privacy challenges that come with it?

• Mustafa Kapasi, Chief Commercial Officer, M1
• Keith Huang, VP of Pay OTT, PCCW Media Group
• Abhijit Navalekar, Director, Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, PT. XL Axiata

With Virat Patel, MD, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific

11:20 Closing Remarks
11:25 End of Day 1  

Day 2: 30 June 2020

09:30 Opening Remarks
Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Telcos Talk: Beyond the Dumb Pipe
Telecom operators are forced to spend huge sums to upgrade their bandwidth and network infrastructure, with no certainty that customers will pay for it. This is more true than ever as we enter the age of 5G. One strategy is to continually develop new services and this is where video is vitally important for the future of operators. Operators have a big opportunity here, but how can they make money out of this traffic? Are they getting value from these video services? Is it a more difficult game to play? Are they doubling up or down on their investment in video, with the increase in consumption as new ways of working are now developing around the region?

• Nikko Acosta, Senior VP, Content Business and Product Management Globe Telecom
• Yann Courqueux, VP, Home Product, Consumer Business Group, StarHub
• Emily Wee, CEO, TM Net

With Monty Ghai, Founder and CEO, Brandwith


Going D2C: The Challenges and Opportunities for Video Companies
Going direct-to-consumer (D2C) is very much becoming the norm for video players, but what is that journey and how is it evolving? What are the technological challenges and what are the business challenges? Is the path to sustainable monetization clear and is it better to be a champion in one market or must you go regional to survive? Leaders of 4 key players from very different backgrounds compare their journeys and insight into what success looks like.

• Christian Toksvig, Head of OTT, Astro
• Ali Hussein, CEO, Eros Now
• Niharika Singh, VP and Head of Product, ONE Championship
• Esther Nguyen, Founder & CEO, POPS Worldwide

With James Miner, CEO, MinerLabs & Video Assure


The Importance of CDN with Exploding Demand for Online Video Post COVID-19
We are witnessing unprecedented growth of video consumption during this year of uncertainty and change, but consumer expectations of the quality of service delivered remain high and are probably increasing. In this session, our video delivery expert shares market trends and explores the ways your business can meet audiences’ increasing expectations for high-quality viewing experiences by utilising a variety of options to tackle latency and performance issues in your video workflow.

Charley Thomas, Director of Solution Engineers, APAC, Limelight Networks



In Conversation: Connecting with Consumers During COVID-19 and Post-COVID
With so many people locked down in some shape or form over the preceding months, video streaming services have seen a sharp rise in viewership but have also been offering more free content to attract customers. In this session, we will find out how ZEE5 is connecting with their customers during this period of lockdown. Production has all but halted around the world – how does this impact ZEE5 where local content has been playing a huge role in its strategy? Has there been big growth in new subscriber uptake and if so, how is ZEE5 planning to retain this group of new audiences moving forward?

Tarun Katial, CEO, ZEE5 IndiaWith Shad Hashmi, SVP, Digital Services Global Distribution, BBC Studios, Co-chair, AVIA OTT Group


Regulation of Online Video Platforms – No More Flying Beneath the Radar
The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn lots of attention to the streaming video industry – because so many people are consuming more and more of our services! But that leads policymakers to consider ever more insistently whether the industry is adequately regulated and fairly taxed. There are new proposals floated constantly for licensing, content controls, production mandates, and even infrastructure finance. A panel of experts talks about why some governments see the industry as partners, and others as the goose that has now grown fat enough for slaughter. Can Asia find a way to balance requirements? Or will governments kill the goose, and just give the wires over to the pirates, who “can’t” be regulated

• Nicole Chan, Vice Chairperson,Digital Transformation Association, former Chairperson, National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan
• Prof. Kyung-Sin Park, Director, Open Net Korea, Professor, Korea University Law School
• Dr. Peter Lovelock, Director, TRPC Singapore

With John Medeiros, Chief Policy Officer, Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA)




Closing Remarks


12:05 End of Day 2  

Day 3: 2 July 2020

09:30 Opening Remarks
Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Keynote Conversation: iQIYI’s Global Growth Plans and Content Transformation
In this session, we explore iQIYI’s roadmap for the next 2 years, and how it intends to target and drive new sources of growth for original content at home and abroad. How is this changing the way they work with new and existing partners? How does the use of AI technology reduce production costs and improve and expand on monetization opportunities?

Yang Xianghua, President of Membership & Overseas Business Group, iQIYI

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


The Future of Content Distribution & Acquisition
Digital marketplaces are quickly becoming the new normal for content acquisition and distribution in the age of social distancing. Vuulr’s digital content marketplace allows buyers and sellers worldwide to negotiate directly and close deals digitally within days. In this session, we will address the digital transformation of content acquisition and distribution and how buyers & sellers alike stand to benefit from an increasingly borderless content economy.

Ian McKee, CEO, Vuulr



Addressing Challenges in Billing & Payment in Asia
The shift to subscription models is happening across all industries, but nowhere is it happening faster than in the video industry. Today’s consumers have new expectations and preferences on how they want to purchase and take advantage of video products and services. We explore how companies are addressing these new expectations of consumers. What are their growth strategies? How do they price, bill, collect fast cash, reduce churn and leverage on metrics to make swift decisions?

• Filippo Giachi , MD for Asia Pacific, Docomo Digital
• Varun Mehta , Country Head – Indonesia, Viu

With Virat Patel, MD, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific


Winning Back Subscribers: Coping with Churn in OTT
As the video streaming market becomes fragmented, OTT providers are increasingly intent on developing strategies to retain existing subscribers and acquire new ones. There is no time more critical than now as platforms see a surge in subscriptions as a result of the pandemic crisis. This panel explores the factors driving OTT subscription service uptake, duration, and churn. Panelists share insights on the incentives and best practices that can help best retain current customers and acquire new ones.

• Sushant Sharma, VP APAC, Conviva
• Greeny Dewayanti , CEO, Genflix
• Anil Nihalani, Head of Digital Products & Technology, Mediacorp
• Jay Ganesan , SVP & Regional Head, APAC, MediaKind

With Unmish Parthasarathi, Founder, Picture Board Partners


One Step Ahead: OTT Essentials
Consumers are streaming more than ever before, and it is clear that a good proportion of TV business is moving online. In this session, Greg Armshaw outlines how to build a business in the extremely complex and competitive markets in Asia, looking at the fundamental financials of an online TV business, and exploring the revenue streams available to operators in this age of Fast Moving Consumer Video.

Greg Armshaw, Head of Media, Brightcove



11:25 Closing Remarks
11:30 End of Day 3  

Day 4: 3 July 2020

09:30 Opening Remarks
Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA

Buy Side Talk: What does the Future of the Video Buy Look Like?
As the digital landscape continues to fragment, advertisers are looking for more ways to reach customers with personalised messaging that drives longer lasting impact. The dramatic shift to digital is spurring a new wave of investment in OTT and TV advertising. In this session, we hear from the buy side on how the shift towards OTT will change their buying strategies. How is this set to change in the next year? Measurement standards: how do buyers maximize revenues and drive measurable business outcomes? What are some of the best buying practices? Looking ahead: What is the big picture?

• John Miskelly, APAC Investment Director, GroupM
• Laura Quigley, MD, Southeast Asia, Integral Ad Science
• Matt Harty, SVP of Asia Pacific, The Trade Desk

With Jason Barnes, Chief Revenue Officer APAC, PubMatic


Advertising vs COVID-19: Woes or Wins?
While the industry is coming to terms with the seismic changes being caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a great measure of uncertainty around how media and advertising will be affected. What we do know is that advertising spend is driven by consumption, consumer confidence and GDP. During this period, TV and online video consumption has never been higher but advertisers and brands have cut their budgets. Is this a missed opportunity? And when life returns to greater normality will pent-up demand see an opening of the advertising floodgates, or are we saying changes that will be longer lasting?

• Rochelle Chhaya, COO, OMD Asia Pacific
• Gavin Buxton, MD Asia, SpotX
• David Porter, VP Global Media – Asia Pacific & Africa, Unilever
• Varun Mehta, Country Head – Indonesia, Viu

With Ranji David, Director – Asia Pacific, Marketing Services, World Federation of Advertisers


Cross Industry Innovation: The Way to Engage with Consumers
Consumers call the shots. That is the reality of the digital economy. Engaging with consumers in new ways while also re-engineering the businesses around rapidly changing needs, attitudes and behaviors are essential in today’s world. In this discussion, we hear directly from the experts on their customer engagement strategies, and how they are enhancing their customer experience, to foster brand growth and loyalty.

• Darrell Nelson, Head of Culture & Content, Havas Group
• Vinitra Chaudhuri, Director, Digital Engagements, Media and Connection Planning, ASEAN, The Coca-Cola Company
• Gourav Rakshit, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures
• Aaron Pearce, MD APAC, Virtue

With Sunil Yadav, Founder & Managing Director,

11:05 Closing Remarks
11:10 End of OTT Virtual Summit  
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