OTT Summit
The Future of Video Streaming
30 – 31 March 2022

About the Event

So much of the talk these days about OTT is about the G Word – Growth. Increasingly international operators are looking to Asia to replace the growth that has slowed in North America and Europe. Is Asia the growth opportunity everyone is searching for and if so, how does it get unlocked? And should we worry as Wall Street worries, lurching from pessimism about growth and deep declines to optimism and rebounding prices. Or is that all a distraction? Is OTT still in the early stages of growth or is there a danger that a 30-year cycle of growth in Pay TV has been condensed to a 7-year cycle for OTT?

This year’s OTT Summit focused on three themes, through which we examined the video streaming industry in Asia. Looking at lessons learnt from 2021 to predict key trends for the OTT industry in 2022 and understand where the Growth opportunities are in the coming year. From there, we looked at the burgeoning potential of premium video Advertising and the role and development of the Technology that supports the OTT industry.

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30 March 2022 (Day 1)


Summit Welcome

Monica Miller, Asian Business Report, BBC News


Opening Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Online Video Industry Market Outlook: Findings in 2021 and Key Trends for 2022

To kick off the summit, we will hear from MPA who will share their latest research and insights on the global OTT market and its impact on Asia. We will also explore where growth is coming from and the factors that will drive growth in 2022.

Vivek Couto, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Media Partners Asi

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


In Conversation: Paramount’s Transformation and Asia Growth

Catherine Park, SVP, Head of Office & Streaming for Asia, Paramount Global

With Celeste Campbell-Pitt, Chief Policy Officer, AVIA


Life in the Free Lane

Free TV is still the dominant form of mass video distribution. But now, Free TV content is shared across digital terrestrial services, on demand apps, YouTube and social media. Who are the consumers on each of these platforms? Is the content for each of these services created differently? What are the pros and cons of monetization on each?


Sutanto Hartono, MD, EMTEK

Angeline Poh, Chief Customer and Corporate Development Officer, Mediacorp

Dato Khairul Anwar Salleh, CEO, Media Prima Television Networks and Primeworks Studios

Desmond Chan, Deputy GM, TVB

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Where Linear and Streaming Collide

What we used to refer to as Pay TV platforms are now providing their services across all devices and offering their content on demand as well as on linear schedules for the lean back experience. And some are offering their own OTT services as well as aggregating others. Are they giving the consumers the convenience they seek through aggregation? Are they as customer friendly as the stand-alone OTT services?


Stephane Le Dreau, SVP, Regional GM APAC, NAGRA

Amy Tse, SVP Marketing, Now TV

Johan Buse, Chief, Consumer Business Group, StarHub

Ho Hock Doong, Head of Content, unifi TV, CEO, TM Net

With Aravind Vengopal, VP, Media Partners Asia 


Creative Growth in Streaming

According to Research and Markets, OTT revenues in APAC are projected to climb to $54 billion in 2026, up by 90% from the $29 billion recorded in 2020. However, as the OTT market in APAC becomes increasingly competitive and saturated, no streaming service is safe from churn, and we see ‘cord-cutting’ behaviour carrying over into the OTT space. Content owners and licensors must consider the paths to creative growth in streaming and consider looking inwards for growth. This session will share solutions on how you can drive growth from your existing customers and maximise the value of your current catalogue by harnessing data-driven analytics to inform your business efforts.


Marty Roberts, VP of Media Analytics, Brightcove


In Conversation: How are Sports Organizations Using Video Subscriptions to Boost Fan Loyalty


Chris McNair, Head of New Business & Strategy – APAC, Accedo

Ray James, Chief Relationship Officer, iSportConnect

With Jesus Luzardo, VP, Global Head of Partnerships & International Sales, Vindicia

11:50 Lunch Break  

Streaming Business – A Game Changer for the Thai Market

OTT video streaming is growing exponentially in Thailand. Some of the world’s biggest and most established streaming platforms are working hard to cement their position in the country. In this session, we’ll look at how the Thai market for streaming is currently doing. How are local streamers differentiating their services to compete with international ones and vice versa? What would it take to grow the local subscription ecosystem overall? Is subscription the pre-eminent business model and is an ad free experience what consumers want and are prepared to pay for? Can local content, which was once ad supported, command subscription uptake?


Kelvin Yau, VP of International Business Department and GM Thailand, iQIYI International

Marco Guida, Chief Business & Revenue Officer, True Digital Group

Kanokporn Prachayaset, Chief Commercial Officer, Tencent Thailand, Country Manager, WeTV Thailand

With Jennifer Batty, Media Advisor


A Perfect Match – Sports and Streaming

Sports has been that one genre often cited as the reason cable subscribers have not yet “cut the cord”. As more and more premiere sports rights become available on streaming platforms, will we see that change? How has the business model evolved for sports programming, on licensing as well as in supporting the growing catalog of ondemand content? How has OTT allowed sports brands to successfully transition from Pay TV to a hybrid traditional/streaming business model? Will we be seeing any significant shift in the share of subscription vs advertising revenues from TV and streaming?


Mike Kerr, MD Asia, beIN Asia Pacific

Peter Bellamy, SVP, Endeavor Streaming

Miguel Bielich, Global Director of Product Marketing, Irdeto

Andy Paterson, Head of OTT, sooka

Yann Courqueux, VP, Home Product, Consumer Business Group, StarHub

With Unmish Parthasarathi, Founder & Executive Director, Picture Board Partners


The G Word.

So much of the talk these days about OTT is about the G Word – Growth. Increasingly international operators are looking to Asia to replace the growth that has slowed in North America and Europe. Is Asia the growth opportunity everyone is searching for and if so, how does it get unlocked? And should we worry as Wall Street worries, lurching from pessimism about growth and deep declines to optimism and rebounding prices. Or is that all a distraction? Is OTT still in the early stages of growth or is there a danger that a 30-year cycle of growth in Pay TV has been condensed to a 7-year cycle for OTT?


Sagar Pandit, Associate Director, Business Development APAC, Discovery, Inc.

Gaurav Pradhan, Director of Business Development – Emerging Asia, Netflix

Ari Kader-Cu, Country Head, Viu Philippines

 With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


How Do You Know When a Market is Ready for Addressable TV?

The rapid growth of OTT options across Asia shows no sign of slowing down, which is positive news for both advertisers and content creators. But are all markets created equal? What macro and micro conditions need to be met before buyers and sellers are ready to invest? What do the approaches of buyers, OTT players and hardware manufacturers look like?


Alex Lowes, VP, Client Engagement and Growth APAC, Finecast

Eugene Lu, Head of Global Programmatic, Xiaomi

With Tom Dover, Director, Video Marketplace Development, APAC, Xandr


Maximising the Value of Premium Digital Video in Asia

In the present day, paid subscription often means ad-free content for viewers on premium OTT platforms, but will this revenue model sustain the digital content ecosystem or will advertising become a part of the content experience even behind the paywall? In this panel we will explore what the future model of advertising on premium OTT platforms would look like, its structure and its metrics.


Bharat Khatri, Chief Digital Officer APAC, Omnicom Media Group

Gavin Buxton, MD Asia, Magnite

Ranjana Mangla, SVP and Head of Ad Revenue, SonyLIV, Sony Pictures Networks India

Rajesh Sheshadri, GM – SEAThe Trade Desk

 With Rob Gilby, President Asia Pacific, Nielsen


The Road to CTV Revenue and the Future of FAST

As we move swiftly into 2022, it is key for advertisers to focus on the massive opportunity that exists in the programmatic space. One of the foremost is CTV advertising and the continuing shift from linear to CTV. So, what does CTV advertising look like today? What is in store for advertisers in 2022, and how can marketers drive performance in the new year with advanced CTV offerings? What are the key factors that are driving the growth in FAST and how do they fit within today’s streaming landscape? Will the boom in CTV help FAST services thrive in Asia?


Jay Ganesan, SVP, Sales APAC, Amagi

Shalini Poddar, EVP and Head of Ad Sales, Disney+ Hotstar India

Kim Portrate, CEO, ThinkTV

With Vikram Chande, Sales Lead India, Samsung Ads


Unlocking Addressable Advertising

In today’s fragmented advertising market, how are platforms rolling out addressable advertising across broadcast TV, hybrid Pay-TV and OTT platforms? Can they build effective, revenue-generating addressable advertising capabilities across all platforms and devices? Do platforms understand their audiences, and are they monetising their content and inventory? This panel will address these key questions and look at how business models are changing and adapting in 2022.


Vignesh Narayanan, CEO, Airtel Ads

Julian Savitch-Lee, Product Lead, Iris Ad Server, Synamedia

Rajiv Singh, VP, Digital Ad Sales & Distribution, Viu

With Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder and Managing Director, Atonik Digital



Change is Coming: Preparing for Life After Cookies

Marketers, advertisers and publishers have long relied on third-party cookies for tracking, data collection, and ad personalization and targeting. With data becoming more valuable and third-party cookies disappearing, what does this mean for the future of digital advertising? Where will the changes in data collection and measurability be two years from now? Will Unified ID 2.0 be one of several solutions that will replace cookies as the industry standard? Is it a sustainable long-term investment due to consumer expectations for privacy and the rapidly evolving regulatory environment?


Pieter Liefooghe, Business Development Director, Broadpeak

Sunil Naryani, Chief Product Officer APAC, dentsu International

Laura Quigley, SVP, APAC, Integral Ad Science

Amina Begum, Director, Strategic Projects and Product Go-To-Market, Xandr

With Joe Nguyen, MD, VieON

17:30 End of Summit Day 1  

31 March 2022 (Day 2)


Welcome Remarks

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Case Studies: How Broadcasters can Increase Their Resilience and Performances with Multi CDN

In this opening session, Lumen will share some case studies on how they have help broadcasters particularly in Australia to increase their resilience and performances. What is their multi-vendor strategy? What have they done right, and what mistakes have they made, that we could learn from?

Gautier Demond, Director, Content Delivery Services, Lumen Asia Pacific


Tech Leaders Top of Mind: What Keeps Them Awake at Night?

What is keeping the Tech Leaders of today up at night?  What are the key issues they are worrying about when it comes to the video industry? In this session, we will speak with the largest streaming platform in India to explore topics from the changing nature of the CTO role itself to the challenges of running a video streaming service today. Hear more about which technologies you should be investing more time in, and where the video industry is headed to in the future in Asia.

Akash Saxena, Head of Technology, Disney+ Hotstar India

With Greg Armshaw, Senior Director, Strategy, Brightcove


Breaking Technology Trends

Most OTT players are still at nascent stages of their technology journey, but we are starting to see a bigger push in technology investment. In addition, take the opportunity to hear from our panel of experts who will answer all of your burning questions about video tech live at the OTT Summit.


Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp

Scott Favelle, Technology Director, Product Solutions, Seven West Media

Jonathan Pogrund, Director of Presales, Viaccess-Orca

With Shad Hashmi, APAC Partner Lead, Media and Entertainment, Amazon Web Services


Optimizing Complex Media Processing Workflows in the Cloud

Moving the media processing of Broadcast VOD content to the cloud can help extract maximum value from your assets but demands the employment of multiple steps that can soon feel overwhelming. Transcoding and packaging are just the beginning; the challenges escalate when mission-critical tasks such as subtitling and captioning, digital rights management, dynamic ad insertion, multi-channel audio preparation, watermarking, QC and handling bitrate-intensive formats such as 4K and HDR are added to the mix. How do we simplify these highly complex workflows and overcome the potential pitfalls of cloud-based media processing? Hear from Jeff Malkin, President at who will share ways and strategies on how you can optimize your workflow.

John Maniccia, Global Director of Sales Engineering,


How will 5G Change the Game for Asian Streaming Services?

According to a report by GlobalData, by 2023, the APAC region is predicted to have 477 million 5G subscriptions. The mass deployment of 5G will change the future for many industries, including video streaming services. The big question is which service provider will catch the tailwinds first. What are some of the new business models and new revenue opportunities that 5G will offer? Does the industry really need 5G? Is 5G the solution for scaling up the video business and how can the industry leverage on 5G networks to improve content delivery for all?


Shakunt Malhotra, MD Asia, Globecast

Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Head – GET Entertained Tribe, Globe Telecom 

Keith Huang, VP OTT, PCCW Media

Khush KundiHead of Video Network, APAC, Synamedia

With Virat Patel, MD, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific


Tailored Experiences – The Future of OTT

As the world begins to open up once more and consumers are reviewing which subscriptions they are keeping as we return to the new normal, the focus is inevitably shifting to long-term viewer retention and quality of experience. Streaming services are now doing so much more in this area of personalization which is fast becoming the holy grail. Are personal avatars and recommendations enough to move the needle? How do you differentiate the quality of your experience from your competitors? And how does one measure performance and ROI against it?


Aloke Majumder, VP, Technology, hoichoi

José Luis Vázquez, CEO & Founder, Mirada

Aki Tsuchiya, Founder & CEO, Streamhub

Mattia Ferreira, User Experience Lead, Viu

With James Miner, CEO, MinerLabs & Video Assure


Why Only Innovators Win – The Race to Stay Ahead in Streaming User Experience

Now more than ever, the OTT streaming market has a wealth of options for viewers. However, this richness of choice may be a double-edged sword, as content is fragmented across many OTT services. Keeping viewers within a single platform requires premium content, a seamless experience, but most importantly a service that stays ahead of the competition. In our session, we’ll review how streaming services can leverage upcoming trends to provide rich experiences for their audience, including using short video to bring heightened engagement, building a community and supplementing existing content with UGC and taking personalized experiences to the next level.

Siddharth S, Vertical Lead, Media & Entertainment, BytePlus


Common Media Client Data (CMCD) at Work with Real-World and Real-Time Data

This study examines some of the first production data obtained from deploying Common Media Client Data (CMCD) into production environments within a global content delivery network (CDN) and a global content distributor. It introduces the high-level concept of CMCD as the latest technology for QoE enhancement in OTT, then covers details of player integrations, CDN support and the analysis and interpretation of the returned data.

 Will Law, Chief Architect – Edge Technology Group, Akamai Technologies


Summit Wrap Up: Crystal Ball Gazing— Bold Predictions for the Future of Streaming

We conclude our two days of expert discussions by engaging a prestigious group of industry leaders in a closing fireside chat. What are the key take-aways from the 2022 OTT Summit? What trends across traditional TV and streaming video will grow and what might fizzle? We will ask them to look into their crystal balls and make some bold predictions for where the industry is headed.


Ervin Chan, VP Sales APAC, Media & Telecom, Kaltura

Alexandre Muller, MD APAC, TV5MONDE

Gourav Rakshit, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Closing Remarks and End of OTT Summit 2022


31 March 2022 (Piracy Over the Top)


Welcome Address

Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


Asia Pacific Piracy Landscape

An overview of piracy across the Asia Pacific region, reviewing the activities and initiatives undertaken throughout 2021, as well as outlying the strategy for 2022.

Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Cost of Piracy

Piracy is not a victimless crime but has real social and economic costs. Historically piracy impacts creativity, jobs, country creative industry development and prosperity, taxes and creates an underground economy. AVIA is currently working with PwC to evaluate the impact of piracy in Asia Pacific. In this session we will discuss observations on both existing legitimate market sizes and the incidence of piracy, and what this could mean for the industry if local governments do not assist to deter piracy.

Oliver Wilkinson, Partner, Entertainment and Media Leader, PwC Singapore

With Louis Boswell, CEO, AVIA


In Conversation: Building up a Head of Stream

Joe Welch, VP Global Public Policy, Asia Pacific, The Walt Disney Company

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Social Media and Technological Solutions

CAP’s consumer surveys along with feedback from members clearly indicate the increasing migration of piracy to social media. How can technology support content providers to combat the growth of piracy on social media?


David Würgler, Senior Director of Anti-Piracy Litigation, NAGRA

Mathieu Harel, Product Director, Anti-Piracy Services, Viaccess-Orca

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Korea Piracy Landscape and Enforcement Options

As AVIA and CAP look more to Korea, we review the piracy landscape there. Where and how are Korean consumers pirating content and what are the measures that can be used to combat it? In this session we talk to Ik Hyun Seo, a partner at the law firm Cho & Partners, who comes with extensive experience in combating piracy in Korea.

Ik Hyun Seo, Partner, Cho & Partners

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


In Conversation: Copyright Protection in an Evolving Landscape

Piracy via social media and other technology platforms has been an ongoing challenge and rights holders can only combat such piracy by working with technology companies. In this session, CAP’s Matthew Cheetham will talk to Google’s APAC Head of Media & Entertainment Partnerships, Ben Napier on how Google is addressing the challenge.

Ben Napier, Head of Media & Entertainment Partnerships, APAC, Google

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Dr Watters – “Time to Compromise”

Dr Paul Watters’ recently released report “Time to Compromise” studied the scale and risk for consumers from malware when accessing illegal sites. The report also outlined some strategies to reduce risk for consumers, and indicated regulatory measures which may assist in a large-scale reduction of malware infection, by reducing the accessibility of these sites, reducing the rewards, and making such sites more difficult to operate. In this session Dr Watters takes us through the findings of his report.

Dr. Paul Watters, CEO, Cyberstronomy

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)


Sports, Piracy, and Social Media

Piracy on social media platforms continues to be a major cause of concern, particularly for live sport. Why are we seeing such a rise in this type of piracy and what can sports rights holders do to combat it?


Juan Jose Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager, LaLiga

Ella Wong, General Counsel, NBA China

Sean Godfrey, Senior Commercial Solicitor APAC, The Premier League

With Matt Cheetham, GM, AVIA Coalition Against Piracy (CAP)

17:00 Closing Remarks

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