OTT Summit
5 Dec 2023, 9am – 6pm SGT | Singapore

The “original OTT premise” was a service that was considerable cheaper than pay TV, with a huge volume of content you could binge on or watch any time you wanted, uninterrupted by advertising.

2023 may well be remembered as streaming’s year of reckoning. Following the seemingly overnight paradigm shift in 2022, this has been a year of swimming upstream and marked by a continuous flow of transitions as investors demand better margins.

No longer are there any sacred cows as the drive to trim costs and boost revenue takes top priority, while the return of traditional revenue streams including content licensing, theatrical exhibition and advertising have come back in vogue. And the price of subscription is increasing as writers and actors strike for a big share of a revenue pie that is beginning to look like a tartlet.

As streaming and content costs continue to rise, scale has become an even more important operational imperative and more high-profile mergers and acquisition are expected.

But will all this be enough to drive revenue growth and get streaming into the black? Is it truly becoming do-or-die time for smaller players? Will FAST arrive in Asia more quickly in 2024 and what is the future for pay TV? Will we be able to avoid more pain in 2024 and navigate the treacherous pitfalls of an industry that has been constantly shifting and where there doesn’t seem to be consensus on a winning strategy?

In this period of streaming uncertainty, it’s going to be critical for us to keep calm. . . and stream on.


Key Themes include:

  • Dare to Stream
  • Ebb and Flow of the Content Stream
  • Regulation and the Fight Against Piracy
  • New Technology and Emerging Trends in Video
  • Traditional and New Revenue Streams



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